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Chinese Mycology

See You Tomorrow
*金针菇 (jīnzhēngū): Often literally translated as golden needle mushroom, but also known as Flammulina Velutipes, it’s a very common mushroom in Asia, where we eat it all the time. This one is saying “see you tomorrow!” because, according to popular wisdom, you can see it almost intact the day after you eat it if you are curious enough. Personally, I don’t think it’s that hard to digest and Wikipedia says it might also prevent cancer, so give it a try!

Nazi Cyclist

Nazi_CyclistI swear I saw this some days ago in the street: Chinese guy in his 40s riding a bike with a nazi helmet and a trench coat while smoking with a long cigarette filter. I want to think he was an actor or something. Anyway, for those of you living in the West, this is not a common occurrence in China, I think.